When the Beauty is Whole

  Sometimes, even the most beautiful things are eclipsed. From the partial lunar eclipse on August 8, 2017  

Poetry Atop a Mountain

If you thought poetry existed only in between the pages of a book, you’d be in for a surprise. Somewhere, high above in the mountains, almost lost in the clouds, hidden from civilization, is etched in stone the labors of men who build these impossible roads – at 13,700 feet above sea level. When you…

Come Gently to Me, Autumn

  It’s a day in October. The temperature is chilly to my Indian bones. And the beauty lies, not just in the lake, which of course could be a subject on its own, but also in the quaint houses and street that line the lake. The patterns in the sky are mesmerizing.  Almost, like a…

Too Ancient, Too Magnificent

Try walking in the shadow of something from 2,000 years ago and I guarantee you, you will be mesmerised. More than that in fact. I wonder if Romans were giants. To have created something so grand, that when you stand in its presence, you are not just dwarfed by the structure, but by the sheer…

A Long Road to Nowhere

I’m a fan of road trips. Just as long I’m in the passenger seat. This view is one from a drive to Igatpuri, a three-hour drive from Mumbai. This one was one of those spontaneous “lets-hop-in-the-car-and-drive-out-of-town” trips.  Definitely something that also makes it to my #HapinessIs list.

Caught in the Act!

When you are stalking birds and get caught shooting them. Perhaps he wonders what I find so intriguing and majestic about him. This one was taken at home in Mumbai on the rooftop.  

I Blurred the Iron Lady

In a fast-moving coach, and the photo I click of the “Iron Lady” gets streaked with the lights from the street. Unintentionally. This sometimes accidental albeit attractive shots.

The Good Kind of Blue

Gondolas line the water, ready to ply tourists on the famous Gondola ride and also double up as “cabs”. In the distance, the beautiful building of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore can be seen. The churches in Venice are perhaps as famous as its canals.

Mesmerising Colours

One of the most exotic sights in nature is watching jellyfish change colours. Such a mesmerizing sight! This one was taken at the SEA LIFE Aquarium in London.


Quaint. Quiet. The tranquility felt in a Buddhist monastery is unparalleled. Nestled in the far reaches of Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh in India, this is one of the most beautiful religious sites I have visited my time.